Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Zumba Instructor Convention - Aqua Zumba™ Boost

This year there were two classes geared toward Aqua Zumba™ instructors. One was the day-long Aqua Zumba instructor training workshop. The other was a 3 hour "Aqua Zumba Boost" session specifically for those who were already licensed to teach Aqua Zumba.

Since I had already taken the Aqua Zumba workshop twice in the past 12 months I decided to skip it at the convention this year, so I don't have much information about if/how the workshop has changed. I did, however, attend the boost session.

Here is a brief review of my experience at the Aqua Zumba Boost session.

1. Zumba Formula - We received more information on how to break down Mega Mix songs and choreograph them for Aqua Zumba.

2. Instructor technique - Maria explained and demonstrated how to move the body in order to appear to fight buoyancy instead of gravity. Not only does this make the moves easier for the students to understand, but it helps to force the instructor to reduce their jumping.

3. Hands-On Training - The class was small, about 25 people, and ZES’s Maria and Madeline (??) walked around correcting our form and giving us feedback while we worked in teams to create choreography. In my opinion this was profoundly helpful and reassuring!!

4. Master Class/October DVD Preview - Not only was the master class in the pool a lot of fun, but it was the exact same choreography that would be in the DVD we all get in October. That made me SO happy because then I could enjoy the class without worrying about notes.

I am not sure what will be offered at the convention next year or if things will stay the same, but if they offer the Aqua Boost again I hope this information helps some of you decide whether or not to sign up for it.