Monday, February 22, 2010

Put Your Drink Down (Warm-Up)

Song Information

Title: Put Your Drink Down
Album: Zumba Fitness© Mega Mix 125 (Available to licensed Zumba© instructors who were ZIN members at the time of release). Put Your Drink Down is also available from Mr. V on the Voices and Visions album on iTunes. I am not sure if it is identical, however the 30s I heard were the same as the ZIN CD.

Song Pattern


etc... see notes.


Then back to


and so on...

Written Choreo and Video (there are two video's with this, part AB, and then C)

Even though this song is almost 8 minutes long it doesn't get boring if you build the intensity with the music. Also it will take the class a few sets to pick up the pattern and then get into it. I use this song as a warm up.

A = 1/2 tempo aqua jog for 4 beats then center jog with a bounce and a high knee for 4 beats.

B = Make sure both feet are placed firmly on the floor of the pool. Arms open up for 4 beats and then shimmy the chest for 4 beats. Next Arms close for 4 beats and then do a little boogie dance for 4 beats.

**Option** You can alternate A and B in whatever order you like. If the water is cold do more As than Bs. If the water is really warm do more B. Our pool is around 83 so I do 3 sets of A for every 1 set of B.

Video for parts A and B.

Continue with this pattern until the music changes.

C = After several minutes there is a change in the music from 3:47 until 4:28. At this point I do a ski with a tuck in the middle (ski, tuck, ski, tuck).

Video for part C, demonstrated on one leg.

Then return to alternating A and B until the song ends.

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